BadgerDirect Web-to-Print Storefront

Our web-to-print customized storefront solution allows you, your staff and/or your distributors and sales force to efficiently access, order and distribute your media and marketing materials 24/7.


Our customized storefronts can be branded specifically to your organization. It allows for pre-approval of orders and multiple payment options including credit card, cost centers and co-op funded accounts.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Streamline your ordering process and distribution of products and supplies with this automated system that saves your business money. Eliminate wasted spending on administrative costs and lost time in terms of important man-hours.

Connect Marketing and Operations

Create that missing link between marketing and operations in your organization. Use the ordering and fulfillment process to always have materials in-stock and to keep an organized and regimented product cycle across all departments within your organization.


Your web-to-print customized storefront will look like YOU! We build and deploy a system that is designed and configured to your unique business ordering and processing specifications.

PCI Compliant

The Badger Group is qualified as a Payment Card Industry compliant service provider. The Badger Group’s PCI compliance means buyers concerned about debit or credit card security can now rely on third-party verification of the security of the transactions conducted on our network.

Other Storefront Features:

  • Username/password-based security
  • Customized and branded URL availability
  • Approval-based ordering option
  • Online reporting
  • Real time inventory control
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multimedia-based system that allows for distribution of:
    • Digital media
    • Traditional print and warehoused product
    • On-demand print materials
    • Variable data on-demand print materials
    • Advertising specialties
    • Wearables


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