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Social media. You’re told you need to be on social media for the sake of your organization. You understand it’s important and that there’s potential for it to impact your organization.

But finding the time to properly strategize and manage your social media efforts is a big challenge. We understand.

The Badger Group specializes in social media marketing for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.


Social media is a mainstream communications tool for people of all ages. As a business or nonprofit, a presence on social media is a strategic necessity. Social media communities for your brand help enhance relationships with current and prospective customers/donors, serve as public relations tools, and impact search marketing efforts.

The Badger Group takes an integrated approach to our social media services. When strategically aligned with print marketing and direct mail campaigns, social media is an effective tool for engaging with your target audience, building your brand, and achieving your organization’s goals.

Every business and nonprofit has different social media needs. Our marketing services team works with clients to craft targeted social media marketing strategies and solutions.

The Badger Group’s Social Media Services include:

  • Social Media Audits: Assessing your organization’s current social media presence and competitive landscape.
  • Social Media Strategy: Identifying your social media marketing goals, targeting appropriate channels and audiences, and establishing a basic content plan.
  • New Media Copywriting & Design: Writing and designing social media content that matches your organization’s branding and voice.
  • Social Media Management: Offering full-service social media management services, from strategy through implementation.
  • Social Media Measurement: Reporting on social media marketing performance.
  • Training & Consultation: Consulting with and training your team to empower your social organization.


Wondering if outsourcing your social media marketing is right for your business or nonprofit? Download our white paper and learn how our social media services can help you invest in social be more valuable.

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