BadgerTracks Personal URLs

Do you want to:

  • Increase response rates for your direct mail and email campaigns?
  • Gain valuable information about your target audience?
  • Manage customer relationships effortlessly?
  • Send qualified, real-time leads to your sales team?

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are micro-websites supplement and capture direct mail or email campaign responses. Customize these landing pages using text, images, videos or audio specifically targeted to each segment or individual person’s needs or interests.

  • PURL’s allow you to drive a prospect to a URL such as:
  • Instead of having to create different versions of the message, save time simply by using the profiling attribute to personalize the URL.

Specialized Microsites for Marketing

Unlike a standard web page, PURLs are created specifically with the intention of gathering information or providing a call to action. Recipients are driven to their personal landing page from direct mail or email.

The PURL is the interactive component or your direct mail or email campaign with messages, graphics and offers that can dynamically change based on the actions of the individual. And everything is trackable, so you know exactly where your responses came from and how you acquired your data.

Direct mail or email campaigns with Personalized URLs will:

  • Increase response rates
  • Collect valuable information about consumers
  • Manage customer relationships effortlessly
  • Send qualified, real-time leads to sales teams
  • Track and measure campaign responses in real-time
  • Generate automated responses to your lead

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