Marketing and Design Services

The Badger Group understands both the traditional and new media worlds. Our Marketing and Creative Services integrate your print and direct mail marketing with your digital marketing efforts.


Using our cross-channel marketing solutions, we work with you through all phases of your campaign. We start with creative development and database management to ensure you are touching the right audience with the right design. Then, we implement your campaign with our suite of services.


Our Marketing & Creative Services include:

  • Marketing Strategy: We strategize, develop and implement targeted and integrated marketing and fundraising campaigns.
  • Graphic Design: We help your organization grow and thrive through well-designed graphics and visuals.
  • Copywriting: We make exceptional copywriting seem effortless! When you do not have the talent and/or time in-house, let the Badger Group do the work for you.
  • Photography: Communicate quality through the use of professional photography.
  • Video: Bring your brand to life with compelling video. From creative concept through the editing process, we get your brand story just right.
  • Social Media: We specialize in social media marketing for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. The Badger Group can take the challenges of social media off your shoulders.
  • Email: Reach your audience in the medium they prefer for marketing messages.
  • Personalized URLs: Our custom personalized URL (PURL) campaigns specifically target information to meet individual customers’ or prospects’ needs.
  • Online: Now you can use the power of online marketing to boost your direct mail campaigns. With Google & Facebook ads, you can keep your message in front of your customers and prospects.


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