Get your ‘Two Cents Worth’ from the USPS!

Get your ‘Two Cents Worth’ from the USPS!

If you are a nonprofit organization, a membership association or a business that requests a response from your customers, then you want to listen to the USPS’s two cents worth.

Mailers frequently include Business Reply Mail (BRM) or Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) in their outgoing mail to facilitate payments, donations, membership applications and renewals, surveys, and other types of responses. Some use Share Mail in their online fulfillment shipments so that the purchaser can mail a referral to a friend, or local businesses and nonprofits provide Share Mail cards to encourage them to mail to friends and family who can claim the offer or donate too. The USPS Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion encourages mailers to include these reply mechanisms within their outgoing mail to keep their counts up.

The Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion normally runs for three months, April 1st through June 30th. The BRM and CRM mail pieces are tallied based on counts resulting from the scans captured during the USPS mail process. The earned postage credits tallied up during the promotional period get applied to the customer’s permit account. 

To qualify for a $0.02, or even a $0.04 credit for each mail piece sent back, mailers must register their Mailer ID (MID), mail permit(s) and use an eligible Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) on the BRM, CRM or Share Mail pieces.  

This promotion is offered to both new and repeat promotion participants.  At the end of the promotion, the earned value assigned to BRM, CRM, and Share Mail pieces will be counted based on each CRID. During the promotional period new participants in this program earn a two-cent credit per reply piece, while repeat participants who meet 93% or exceed their volumes from the previous year, will earn four cents per piece. 

Credits received may be applied to future mailings of First Class Presort and automation card, letters, and flats, and USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats. They must be used by December 31st or they expire. Your earned credits are displayed in the Activity Report within in the Program Registration Tool under the Earned Value Promotion in your USPS Business Gateway. The USPS encourages program participants to check the activity report in the program registration tool weekly. 

The learn more about the program requirements on Earned Value Reply Mail and other promotions visit or contact your Badger rep to assist you!

Sign up for this promotion has ended for 2020, but it is sure to return again next year! Maybe if we are lucky, we’ll see ‘5-cents worth’ from the USPS as they continue to find ways to make mailing beneficial!

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