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New: Antimicrobial Aqueous Coating Available

The threat of contracting an infection from paper is not something we thought about very often, or at least until 2020.  Microorganisms can land on any surface and transfer from one person to another without knowledge.  Badger Group is pleased to offer the option of using antimicrobial treated aqueous coatings. These coatings have been formulated to have…
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3 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have moved away from print marketing over the last few years. Print is perceived as being more expensive and less effective than digital marketing channels. In fact, print marketing can be more effective than digital campaigns. Direct mail gets better response rates than email, internet display ads, and paid search. 39% of customers try…
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3 Creative Ideas to Engage Customers with Print Marketing

Digital, social, and mobile technologies have changed the way people interact with marketing. Successful marketing is moving away from winning a quick transaction and towards building long term relationships with customers. People don’t want companies to talk at them; they are looking for companies to engage with them. We know that people engage with companies through digital channels. What role does print…
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