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5 Steps to Create Effective Direct Mail for Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

If it is good to see your message once, it’s good to see it multiple times. Omnichannel marketing campaigns are great for getting results. Here are 5 important things to consider when you incorporate Direct Mail into your next campaign.  PLANNING AND TIMING Clearly define your campaign goals and communicate these goals to your stakeholders.…
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Engage Your Audience with Unique Direct Mail Folds

According to data from the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail on a daily basis. If you send something out, there’s a high likelihood it’s going to be seen, but how can you increase the “mail moment” of YOUR direct mail piece? Look for creative and unique ways to make your piece stand out from the crowd.  It will be the piece that they…
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3 Direct Mail Strategies to Grow Your Print Publication Circulation

From the economy to the growth of new technologies, it’s been a rough road for publishers over the last few years. With The Badger Group’s roots in print, we understand the challenges. The good news: Most newspaper readership continues to be in print. However, circulation dropped in 2014 for both weekday and Sunday newspapers as well…
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