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Informed Delivery Promotion

Introduced in 2017, Informed Delivery is a program that extends the life and reach of your direct mail campaigns to another channel. So far, over 21 million customers have enrolled online for a verified, free, password-protected account that uses a digital mailbox for the direct mail you receive at your house.  Before an actual delivery…
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5 Steps to Create Effective Direct Mail for Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

If it is good to see your message once, it’s good to see it multiple times. Omnichannel marketing campaigns are great for getting results. Here are 5 important things to consider when you incorporate Direct Mail into your next campaign.  PLANNING AND TIMING Clearly define your campaign goals and communicate these goals to your stakeholders.…
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6 Ways to Integrate Digital and Print Marketing

Social media is an effective tool for ongoing, person-to-person interactions. Customers may interact with a brand’s social network first as a means of research. But, if the relationship begins with print, the social media network is where the customer can land after the first contact and where the brand can nurture the customer relationship.  6…
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