Saving on Postage – EDDM & Saturated Mail

Saving on Postage – EDDM & Saturated Mail

Posted by The Badger Group 

Often, the most expensive part of a direct mail campaign is the postage. That’s because sorting and delivering mail is expensive…so when you can make the USPS’s job easier, they reward you with lower postage rates. You might already take advantage of Marketing Mail rates through Badger, but there are 2 types of postage that are even cheaper IF you can make your mailing fit the guidelines – Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™) and Saturation Mail. 

The (very) broad overview
Picture your postal carrier with a bag full of mail walking door to door. The mail inside the bag has been handled by many people and sorted so that the postal carrier can deliver the right mail to the right house. Now picture how much cheaper it would be if that same postal carrier delivered the same mail to every house…the time needed to sort mail would be greatly reduced.
That’s why EDDM™ & Saturation Mailings are cheaper. You are:

  • Mailing to everyone (or most everyone) on the carrier route
  • Providing the mail pieces bundled and ready to go

Even though there are similarities between the two postal methods, there are a lot of differences because EDDM™ and Saturation Mail are different categories of mail. EDDM™ is a category all on its own. Saturation is a sub-category of Marketing Mail. Which you choose will depend on the details of your campaign.
Let’s look at each category on its own.

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM™)?
EDDM™ is pretty simple. You create a mailer. A stack is handed to the postal carrier. The postal carrier puts one in every mailbox. Easy! Of course the devil is always in the details…
Audience. With EDDM™, you have 2 choices to make.

  1. Which carrier routes will you include? Your options are available at
  2. Will you include Businesses? Your options are Business & Residential OR Residential only.

Note: Most of the time, PO Boxes are considered their own carrier route so you can easily choose to include or leave them out of your mailing.

Mail List/Addressing. With EDDM™ there is no addressing, since your piece is going to every mailbox on the carrier route. When you choose your routes on the EDDM™ website, USPS tells you how many pieces you need and how much postage will be. That’s all you need to know!

Size. To use the EDDM™ postage rate, your piece needs to be considered a “flat” size. EDDM™ is not available for letters or cards.

Size. To use the EDDM™ postage rate, your piece needs to be considered a “flat” size. EDDM™ is not available for letters or cards.
Preparing the mail. USPS requires that EDDM™ pieces be bundled in packs of 50 or 100 pieces.
Postage Rates. 

What is Saturation Mail?
Saturation mailings are based on the carrier route (like EDDM™), but there are a lot more options (and details) involved. 
Audience. With Saturation Mailings, you can mail to every address on a carrier route or pick and choose. However, you have to mail to either 1) 75% of the entire carrier route OR 2) 90% of the residential addresses on the carrier route. You can leave out a certain demographic as long as you follow the 75/90 rule.
Mail List/Addressing. As a sub-set of Marketing Mail, you need to have an address on each piece. You also need to purchase a mail list. The purchased mail list allows you to decide who you will mail to and will provide the list in “walk sequence” order. You also have the option of adding a barcode to the piece to qualify for automated mail rates. 

Preparing the mail. The mail pieces have to be bundled in “walk sequence” order. That allows the carrier to deliver them without sorting. 
Size. A Saturation Mailing can be the size of a letter or a flat (see below). The size will determine the postage rate.
Postage Rates. Standard and Nonprofit rates are available.

Which should you choose? 
The chart below highlights a few characteristics you’ll want to consider when making your choice. If it’s a little confusing, don’t worry! Your Badger Rep is available to help you figure out the best postage rate you can get based on the goals of your campaign.

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