Ready. Set. Go. What Should You Know?

Ready. Set. Go. What Should You Know?

Get going with Direct Mail

What to expect when preparing a direct mailing.

Say GO to your first direct mail project, and we’ll hit the ground running! A Project Manager will review your mail piece artwork and make sure it complies with USPS regulations. Then our Mailing Specialist will begin to process your mailing list. They may reach out to you with the following questions:

What form of USPS Move Update requirement would you like to use?

National Change of Address (NCOA) checks against the USPS database for people who have moved and updates their address to the most current residence. If your database software can furnish a certificate showing this was done within 95 days of the last mailing, please pass it along. If you do not want to run NCOA, we will add “Or Current Resident” after the addressee’s name.

Do you have a Processing Acknowledgement Form on file?

If you request that we run NCOA, we’ll send you a link via email that will come from “PAF Support” requiring your digital signature. This is a very brief form that can be completed within minutes and is valid for one year.

Do you want to mail First-Class or Marketing Mail?

First Class typically delivers in 3 to 5 business days. Marketing Mail typically delivers in 3 to 14 business days.

Are you registered with USPS and qualify for non-profit rates

If so, send over your Non-Profit Authorization Number (NPA #) and Customer Registration ID (CRID).

What Mailing Permit should be used?

If you have a mailing permit held at one of our local post offices, we can use your indicia and have postage taken directly from your EPS account. If you do not have a permit, or have a permit from a different post office, we will mail using our permit. We can also apply a pre-canceled stamp to create a personalized appearance while mailing if requested.

Do you want your mail tracked?

We use a trackable barcode that allows you to see when recipients receive your mail.  It also gives you a projected in-home date so that you can plan other forms of communication around your direct mail piece.

Did you seed yourself in the mailing list? 

Adding yourself to the mailing list is a good way to see the quality of the final piece after it has been through post office processing equipment. It also allows you to confirm how long it took to go through the mail stream.

Do you want us to remove duplicates in your mail list by household or person?

If you have multiple people on your mail list with the same address, do you want everyone in that household to receive your mail, or just one piece of mail to go to each household? Our deduping process will keep the top name on the list as the addressee and remove those that fall below.

After deduping your mail list, we will also remove any undeliverable addresses. Once all this information is gathered, we get to work processing your mail list. You will receive back from us:

  • Report of LACSLink and SUITELink Matches – The LACSLink report contains addresses that have been modified or changed due to changes to the USPS or due to the 911 emergency system. The SuiteLink report contains data to improve business addressing by adding secondary “suite” info if available
  • Report of MOVES and LACS Conversions – Reporting contains addresses that have been updated in both a PDF and .csv form. Use this to change addresses in your database.
  • NCOA Statistics Report – Shows what percentage of your list has changes.
  • A .csv file that contains only those addresses for which neither a current address match nor a new address could be found. Use this list to change, delete or research the addresses in your database.

Do you want any non-addressed pieces returned to you?

These are extra pieces from the print run that don’t contain addressing. They can be used as handouts or manually addressed for individual mailing.

Once these questions are answered you are well on your way. Download our Direct Mail Campaign Check List to make sure you aren’t missing another step. To learn how you can increase your response rate by 18-46% by incorporate digital channels, contact Badger Group at 920-563-5144.


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