Preparing your mail list

Preparing your mail list

Posted by The Badger Group 

Is the data prepared for mailing?

What is your dedupe strategy & match criteria?

Common Deduping Strategies: 

One per Person: Avoid sending multiple mail pieces to an individual
One per Family: Send just one mailing to a household based on last name
One per Address: Flag all records with the same address (such as several people at the same business)

Match Criteria for Deduping:

Exact: Will match all elements including Zip Code (first 5 digits), Street Address, and Name fields
Tight: Will match Zip Code exactly, loosen the criteria on the Address and allow for known matches in the Name field as in the case of nicknames (such as Michael and Mike).
Medium: Will match Zip Code exactly, loosen the criteria on the Address and allow greater variance in the Name field.
Loose: Will drop the Name field scrutiny even farther to allow for misspellings and other nuances.

How will my data be cleaned before a badger mailing?

CASS Certifying/Delivery Point Verification (DPV): CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and DPV improve the quality of address data. DPV validates the existence of an address and determines if the address can be delivered. CASS certification combines address standardization, zip code correction and appending, along with USPS coding for carrier routes and line of travel.

NCOA Linkage SystemThis file from the USPS contains 48 months of move data and is updated weekly. Addresses are updated and deliverable addresses are standardized. Running your data through NCOA should cut mail returns by approximately 50%.

Address Element Correction (AEC)/Delivery Sequence File (DSF): AEC checks each address for accuracy and deliverability based on USPS standards. It also corrects non-standardized addresses that can disqualify mailings for postal discounts. DSF is another means of standardizing addressees, allowing you to qualify for higher postage discounts.

Apartment Append: Missing apartment numbers from your addresses? Apartment databases can be used to append this information to increase deliverability.

Locatable Address Correction Service (LACSLink): This service converts rural format addresses to standard street addresses.

What can I do to keep my data clean?

After Badger runs your data through standard cleaning, you will receive a report. Use that report to update your data in your database so that you have the most up-to-date information possible. In addition to standard data cleaning, you can always request additional services to help:

Ancillary Service Endorsements: This service tells the post office how to handle undeliverable as addressed mail. Options include forwarding the mail piece to a new location, returning it with the new address information affixed, or receiving notice of new address or reason for non-delivery along with the destruction of the mail piece.

Reverse Data Append: If you have email addresses or phone numbers, a reverse append can provide a mailing address to match. 

Deceased Processing: This service lets you know if any names on your list are deceased.

Data Append: Add missing data to your current mail list with a data append. You can request email addresses or phone numbers to go with the addresses you already have.

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