Postage…it’s more than just an expense. It says something about the content inside your envelope. So, when designing your mail piece, consider your postage another opportunity to entice recipients to open your envelope! 

Use a stamp
As you plan your next mailing, think stamps. Some mailing experts believe that envelopes with stamps get opened before those without a stamp. Why? A stamp can make the letter feel more special and personal. Choosing to use stamps does not mean that someone needs to apply them by hand. If you want to use stamps on your next big mailing, consider precanceled stamps.

Precanceled Stamps
Precanceled stamps are special stamps that come in rolls (“coils”) of 500, 3000, and 10,000. A machine affixes the stamps to envelopes at a lower postage price (e.g. $0.05, $0.10, $0.15) and the difference is paid when the mailing is taken to the post office.

Precanceled stamps are available for:

Precanceled stamps come preprinted so the designs are limited to what the USPS offers. But, precanceled stamps give you the option to use a stamp on large mailings without having to affix each stamp by hand.

When using precanceled stamps, remember:
Your mailpiece MUST have a return address, preferably in the upper left corner. Your mailing must be brought to the Post Office where you hold your permit. Try using stamps on your next mailing to see if it improves your response rate. Talk to your Badger Rep early in the planning phase to be sure that your stamps are in stock before your mailing begins to print.

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