Paper Prices are increasing… here are a few reasons why

Paper Prices are increasing… here are a few reasons why

Posted by The Badger Group

You may not have noticed yet, but paper prices have been steadily increasing since 2017. We asked one of our paper suppliers why. In addition to a few things that are affecting a lot of industries (increased energy costs and increasing regulations on the freight industry) he says it comes down to the old classic-supply & demand.

If you’ve ever made paper at home, you know that pulp is a main ingredient in paper. As the demand for pulp increases, pulp prices increase and make paper more expensive to make. Why is pulp demand up?

As with all good supply & demand stories, paper will find equilibrium again and prices will stabilize. It’s unlikely that new mills will open (i.e. supply will unlikely change dramatically), so the new equilibrium will probably mean long-term price increases for paper. In addition, you might need to add to your production timeline if paper becomes difficult to source.

For many of our customers, paper price increases and availability will be manageable. But, for larger print runs, you might feel the pain. At Badger, we always try to work with you to figure out a way to stay within your budget while meeting your print goals. We will continue to do that. And we will continue to monitor the paper industry for you!

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