New: Antimicrobial Aqueous Coating Available

New: Antimicrobial Aqueous Coating Available

The threat of contracting an infection from paper is not something we thought about very often, or at least until 2020.  Microorganisms can land on any surface and transfer from one person to another without knowledge. 

Badger Group is pleased to offer the option of using antimicrobial treated aqueous coatings. These coatings have been formulated to have unique antimicrobial properties.  The coating is available in gloss, satin and matte finishes.  

There are many applications in the catering, cleaning, travel, education, medical, and pharmaceutical industries where it is particularly important to fight against infection. It works well for printed material that is repeatedly handled, such as magazines, booklets, signage, packaging and even menus.

Why Antimicrobial Treated Aqueous Coating?

Aqueous coating is a water-based, protective coating that is applied while the paper is going through the press to achieve a gloss, dull or softer finish. This solution dries quickly, is smudge resistant and is known for being environmentally friendly.

Antimicrobial treated aqueous coating have a chemical agent included in them that can stop the growth of micro-organisms that can cause disease. It works by deactivating 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, reducing the risk of infection.

Are There Other Benefits?

  • Once applied, the treated paper is non-toxic. It can be recycled and does not produce harmful by-products when disposed of. There is minimum solid waste after the application, and it doesn’t require toxic cleaning agents during the clean up process.
  • There aren’t issues when additional finishing processes are required because it works well with most process inks and glues. It is very easy to write over the coating.
  • The coating is applied inline while running sheets through the press, so it can be very price competitive.
  • The protection lasts for the lifetime of the printed piece.

We apply this coating on sheetfed print projects, so it is suited for longer print runs. You can include an antibacterial bug in your artwork to show that you are proactively fighting the spread of infections. For more information about these coatings, how they work, what they protect against, including specific information from the manufacturer, please contact us.


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