Mobile Shopping Promotion

Mobile Shopping Promotion

Get double duty out of your direct mail piece by providing a direct link to your mobile site. The 2020 Mobile Shopping Promotion, for USPS Marketing Mail and Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats, encourages mailers to combine mobile technology with direct mail to create a convenient method for customers to do their online shopping.

Your mail piece must feature a mobile barcode or other print/mobile technology that can be read by a mobile device. That barcode should lead to a mobile optimized shopping website where the customer can easily purchase the advertised product. In some instances, the sale of services and charitable donations may qualify nonprofits for the promotion.

The registration period for the Mobile Shopping Promotion is June 15th through December 31st and the promo is open for five months beginning on August 1st and ending on December 31st.All eligible mail will receive a 2% postage discount at the time of the mailing. The USPS program office will need to approve the mail piece prior to printing.  To receive approval email a PDF  of the print ready art file, at actual size, and one point of contact, who will be responsible for the mail piece throughout the evaluation process, to

The promotions office will respond within 4 business day to confirm the mail piece is approved or will note any revisions that need to be made to meet program requirements.  

Each mail piece must contain a mobile barcode, such as QR code, Snap tags or MS tags, that when scanned by a mobile device leads to a mobile optimized website. The mobile barcode can be placed on the inside or outside of the mail piece. For specific placement and size of mobile barcode please visit  

The mobile barcode must be accompanied by call-to-action text that gives the consumer instructions to scan the mobile barcode. 

Mobile Shopping Promotion

Once the consumer scans the mobile barcode it must lead to a mobile optimized website, social media site or shoppable video where a project can be purchased through the mobile device.  

To participate in the Mobile Shopping Promotion, you will need to register on the USPS Business Customer Gateway ( or contact your Badger representative. It is recommended to register several days in advance of your first mailing date.  

The Badger Group will be registered for this promotion allowing you to take advantage of this discount through our postal account. Please call us today to take advantage of this 2% postage discount.  

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Note – only one USPS promotion discount can be applied per mailing.  


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