Marketing Automation

With more channels than ever to capture your audience’s attention, Badger Group has the team and technology to manage them all while gathering behavioral data to help guide your campaigns and close deals.


Badger Group helps you provide smarter marketing campaigns with the help of automation. We will work with you to create highly personalized, data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns and then launch them in one integrated platform.
• Manage your contacts
• Collect, store and react to individual behaviors
• Manage campaign workflows
• Store and manage your digital assets
• Create campaigns using:
       >Direct Mail
       > Email
       > Social Media
       > SMS Text Messaging
       > Microsites
• Execute using Triggers, Goals, and Scoring (keeping your drip, nurture and lead gen campaigns truly automated)     
• Measure and improve performance with detailed activity and analytic reports.

Let digital make your print more effective! Mail+ is a new part of Badger Group’s direct mail service that can add mail tracking, call tracking and Google follow-up ads to any campaign. Incorporate digital channels as well, track behaviors, and monitor ROI through real time dashboard analytics.

Highlights of Mail+ capabilities:
• Social Match – contact customers on social media before they get your direct mail piece
• Mail Tracking – know when mail is delivered and to who
• Informed Delivery – advertise with a link on the digital preview of mail prior to

• Call Tracking – record and listen to phone calls resulting from your campaign
• Online Follow-up – increase brand awareness with additional online ads through Google Display Ads
• Social Media Follow-Up – get multiple impressions on targeted social media newsfeeds
• LEADMatch – track new website visitors who received your direct mail piece and match them with post addresses