Merging the latest innovative technologies with direct mail, Badger Group’s Mail+ program has the ability to launch your campaigns to unprecedented levels of success! 


Campaign Components
Social Match
Match your customers with their Facebook or Instagram accounts and reach mail recipients on social media, before they get your direct mail piece.

Mail Tracking
Know when your mail is delivered – tracking right down to individual addressee. Discover who received your direct mail piece (look at the full list or search by name) and remove bad addresses from your lists. Fully integrated with informed visibility and displayed geographically, reports are exportable by city, state and zip code.

Informed Delivery®
With over 1 million subscribers being added monthly, Informed Delivery® sends users an email with a digital preview of mail prior to it’s actual delivery. Our integration inserts a full color,  clickable ad into the preview that links to your offer or landing page. This feature puts your direct mail in both the digital and physical world simultaneously.

Call Tracking
Track, record, and listen to phone calls that result directly from your campaign. Recordings can monitor quality and customer service. Receive caller demographic data including name,  address, phone number, and also gender/age when available.

Online Follow Up
The key to effective marketing is repetition. Re-engage visitors of your website with multiple impressions of your message with online ads. Mail+ uses Google Display Ads to know who to hit (based on your audience) and when. Online follow up increases brand awareness and reminds your audience to act. 

Social Media Follow Up

70% of people access social media daily. It’s no wonder that social media ads have one of the highest click-through rates of any form of digital advertising. Keep your customers engaged by reaching them with multiple impressions on their social media newsfeeds as well as across the Google Display Network.

How do you know who visited your website as a result of receiving your direct mail piece? Find out not only who came to your site, but also what actions they took – whether they were on your original mailing list or not! New website visitors are matched back with postal addresses so you can re-engage them with Direct Mail.

View our short video on Mail+ to give you a better look!


Powering up with a political campaign?

Use Mail+ to help.