Informed Delivery Promotion

Informed Delivery Promotion

Introduced in 2017, Informed Delivery is a program that extends the life and reach of your direct mail campaigns to another channel. So far, over 21 million customers have enrolled online for a verified, free, password-protected account that uses a digital mailbox for the direct mail you receive at your house.  Before an actual delivery to your house, you can log in to the portal (or check your email) to preview your household mail and manage packages arriving soon. 

How can you as business owner take advantage of this mail preview?

Business mailers can conduct an interactive campaign with Informed Delivery which integrates a colorful, “ride along” image giving the mail piece recipient a way to immediately respond to an offer before you even physically touch your mail.  

When including an Informed Delivery campaign, during the USPS promotional period, you will receive an upfront 2% postage discount. 

The Informed Delivery promotion is for regular and nonprofit Marketing Mail letters and flats, and First-Class Mail presort or automation letters, cards, and flats that meet the promotion requirements. The registration period for the Informed Delivery Promotion is July 15th through November 30th and the promo is open for three months beginning on September 1st and ending on November 30, 2021.

To participate in the Informed Delivery Promotion, you will need to register on the USPS Business Customer Gateway ( or through Badger Group’s Mail + solution.  If participating in this promotion through Mail+, the Badger Group will perform all the necessary requirements with USPS. If you sign up with USPS or through Badger Group please allow several days before your first mailing for the registration and approval process.   

For more information on this promotion please go to: or ask a Badger rep how they can help get you started!

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Note – only one USPS promotion discount can be applied per mailing.  


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