Hats Off to a Web-to-Print Storefront Solution

Hats Off to a Web-to-Print Storefront Solution

Marketers today wear many hats. On any given day they can be a Marketing Manager, Event Planner, Art Director, Media Buyer, Sales Manager, Brand Ambassador, Operations Manager, Direct Marketing Specialist, or even a Financial Analyst to name a few. 

No matter how many hats you are wearing at one time, web-to-print storefronts can be the solution for handling those tedious tasks that take up so much precious time. They serve as a central hub hosting digital files, customizable templates, sales presentations, promotional items and much more.

Web-to-print storefronts make it easy to order small items such as business cards, to expediting materials for events, sending out welcome kits to new clients, or handling large direct mail campaigns. These storefronts are customizable to meet your business requirements with approval workflows, select payment types, and detailed reporting.

Benefits a web-to-print storefront can offer:

The Brand Ambassador

Create print-on-demand templates that keep your company brand standards intact for everything from brochures to promotion products. Materials created on the storefront will always have the right design, colors, fonts, and paper stock no matter where and how they are used. You can also create one look for your brand but make changes to meet the needs of different offices or locations. Use the same brochure but change the address, images, or services offered.

The Marketing Manager

Guarantee that everyone orders the most up-to-date marketing materials. This can be crucial for some industries. You’ll save time by updating materials in one location and can easily notify users when a new version or product is available by incorporating a ‘featured item’ banner within the storefront.

The Sales Manager

Marketers can plan ahead thanks to in-depth reports that track print volumes and order history. You’ll know exactly what you printed, how many, and who ordered them when, giving you the ability to make future budget-conscious decisions.

The Inventory Control Associate

See your inventory levels in real-time, 24/7. Automatically be reminded to re-order materials with low-inventory notifications or automated reorder triggers. 

The Media Buyer

You won’t waste materials if you only order what you need when you need it. Years ago, it was cost effective to order in bulk, but that often left waste. Digital technology has changed, making it easy to order with just a few clicks to get the most updated materials quickly.

The Event Planner 

The days of dragging boxes all over the place are over. Have your materials shipped directly where you need them. Place one order and ship varying amounts to different locations. It even makes shipping outside the country easier. 

The Direct Marketing Specialist

51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact. Web-to-print storefronts allow you to personalize sales letters, postcards, or create custom packages and kits by industry or customer persona. This makes it easy for your sales team to personalize materials and ship directly to prospective clients.

The Financial Analyst

Ensure that resources are spent wisely and manage registered users by setting up approval points, limiting access to products, and setting spending and quantity limits. Corporate marketers can leverage volume discounts on their promotional budget by placing one order for company swag, like pens, water bottles or hand sanitizers, and store the excess in inventory for later use. This allows multiple staff members to order promotional products from a shared inventory rather than separate orders through multiple vendors.

The Operations Manager

Web-to-print storefronts give everyone a central location to customize, order, and pay for marketing materials. Any registered user will have the power to create what they need, rather than relying on the marketing team to handle every request. What an excellent way to increase the overall efficiency of your operations. 

The Accounting Clerk

Storefronts also offer big-time savings when it comes to billing. You can receive one monthly bill that shows all of the prit marketing orders across your company. You’ll be able to conveniently pay one invoice rather than dealing with multiple vendors and billing systems—they will love you.

Overall, the use of a web-to-print storefront, as a primary printing method creates a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for organizations, small and large, to have all of their marketing needs met. To learn more visit https://badgergroup.com/storefront-solutions/ or schedule a demo by contacting one of Badger’s team members today!


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