Got an appetite for a Matched Mailing?

Got an appetite for a Matched Mailing?

At this point, everyone knows they should be personalizing their direct mail correspondence. It’s simple to do – just drop a salutation at the start of your letter and you’re off and running, right? But how simple is too simple? If you want to really impress your customers and make them feel valued, you need to create a full-blown one-to-one experience with multiple elements that speak directly to them. It can be achieved with a technique called Matched Mailing, and though it might sound daunting to some, we’re here to walk you through it.

It’s important to remember that each member of your audience has a unique relationship with your organization. There are the infrequent visitors, the “regulars” and, of course, the big spenders. Every individual who connects with your company is important – and how you engage with them is just as important.

Most matched mailings start with at least three items: the letter, a reply, and the envelope it all gets sent in. From newsletters, postcards, surveys, special offers, and more, additional elements can be included to bring a greater focus to your message. Here’s where things get tricky, and technical. When more than one piece of your mailing features personalized data, it is necessary that verification of a match takes place without failure. So how do you rest-assured knowing each customer will correctly get the elements containing the right customized information? With the use of strategically placed small two-dimensional (2D) barcodes, three cameras, and highly sensitive software that alerts us of mismatched issues during the insertion process. If any discrepancies are detected the system shuts down, allowing an operator to inspect and correct any mismatched packages.

The placement of 2D barcodes on the personalized items is critical. One is read on the top side and the other on the bottom side of the contents as they get stuffed into the envelope, which also features that same barcode. Current capabilities allow up to three additional unique items to be layered in between the personalized elements – creating what we like to call a “2D Sandwich.”

So, if you’re campaigns are hungry for attention, combine your ingredients with our recipe to entice, motivate, and wow your customers. Ask your Badger sales rep how you can build your own 2D Sandwich and put Matched Mailing to work for you!


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