Engage Your Audience with Unique Direct Mail Folds

Engage Your Audience with Unique Direct Mail Folds

According to data from the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail on a daily basis. If you send something out, there’s a high likelihood it’s going to be seen, but how can you increase the “mail moment” of YOUR direct mail piece?

Look for creative and unique ways to make your piece stand out from the crowd.  It will be the piece that they stop to engage with as they sort through their mail.  And the longer recipients spend with your piece, the deeper emotional connection they develop with your brand or organization. One way to accomplish this is with unique folds.  

Unique Folds for Your Printed Pieces

Iron Cross Fold

The iron cross fold is an attention-grabbing solution to spice up your standard trifold brochure or postcard. This fold gets its name from the cross shape it forms when flat and unfolded. However, it can be a more expensive format choice due to the inability to get more than one-up on a sheet.

Instead, you can try a modified iron cross that uses two long rectangles together to achieve the same look. The finished piece can be square or rectangular.

One additional benefit of the iron cross format is that it can serve as a “carrier” for other materials. When folded, it creates a closed space for another piece. You wind up with a little more real estate for your message, or you get a space to swap out more timely messages within a timeless brochure.

Walk Around Fold

The walk around fold is a piece that allows you to tell your story one panel at a time, motivating the recipient to interact with the direct mail piece.  

The walk around fold starts as a square sheet with specific slips in the paper allowing the square to be folded to the right, down and then over to the left creating a walk around effect. 

When unfolding the piece your content can create a distinct flow, a feeling of anticipation of what’s behind the next panel. See diagram of this fold in our Unique Folds for Your Printed Pieces

Angled Accordion Fold

Another format to spice up your typical brochure, the angled accordion fold is a unique spin off from the standard accordion fold (or Z-fold). Two or more parallel panels are folded in opposite directions, like an accordion. However, the top of each panel is cut at an angle, providing slivers of additional message space that motivate recipients to open further.

Want to see more unique fold options? Download our Unique Folds for Your Printed Pieces for ideas to help you transform your direct mail communications from dull to dynamic! Or call your Badger representative today to receive fold samples. 


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