Reach More.

Repetition is crucial to the success of your campaign. And now it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience multiple times through multiple channels. Reach your audience through the mail, online, and on social media…without taking lots of your time to create and manage!


Track More.

It’s also easier to track your campaign response so you can determine what is working and show a return on investment. With built-in tracking capabilities and a
real-time dashboard, follow your campaign success as it happens.

Direct Mail Better


Boost your next Direct Mail Campaign with:

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to track, record, and listen to phone calls that result directly from your campaign. You can quality check customer service as the results roll in and in the future.


Mail Tracking

You can keep tabs on your mailings with built-in online mail tracking software, so you know exactly when your mail will arrive in mailboxes and when to ramp up for more traffic.


Google Display Ads

Make sure that your audience sees your campaign in the mailbox AND online. Your integrated Google campaign will display follow-up ads that remind your audience to act.


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Take advantage of the platform with 2 billion active users. Continue your campaign on social media with Facebook and Instagram ads that follow your website visitors.


Social Match

With Social Match you can match the names on your mail list with Facebook or Instagram user accounts. Your target audience will not only receive your mailing, but will simultaneously be delivered the SAME message on their Facebook and Instagram feed!


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