The Badger Group’s Mail+ solution, powered by DM2.0, is a seamlessly integrated system that maximizes your marketing impact. Our solution helps you create a multi-channel campaign that will generate more leads, increase your audience engagement and track your results!

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Direct Mail Better


Boost your next Direct Mail Campaign with:

Social Match

Match the names on your mailing list with Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Your target audience will not only receive your mailing, but will simultaneously be delivered the same message on their Facebook and Instagram feed!


Mail Tracking

With our built-in online mail tracking software, you know when your mail will arrive in mailboxes and when to ramp up for more traffic. Track mail delivery right down to the individual addressee!


Informed Delivery®

Reach this engaged audience by adding full color, interactive ride along ads that link directly to your call to action. This popular USPS feature puts direct mail in both the digital and physical world simultaneously.


Call Tracking

Track, record, and listen to phone calls that result directly from your campaign. Recordings can monitor quality and customer service. Receive caller demographic data including name, address, phone number and also gender/age when available.


Online Follow Up

Retarget your website visitors using Google display ads. Make sure your audience sees your campaign in the mail AND online. Most people do not act on their first visit to your website. Follow up Google ads remind your audience to act.


Social Media Follow Up

Take advantage of the platform with over 2 billion active users. Continue your campaign on social media with Facebook and Instagram ads that follow your website visitors.



Know who visited your website as a direct result of your mail campaign. Engage new website visitors not on your mailing list by receiving postal addresses of LEADS that visited your site.


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