Dashboard Analytics

Track, monitor, score, analyze, adjust… be in-the-know about how your campaigns are performing and which leads are the hottest. Badger Group puts Dashboard Analytics at your fingertips for our marketing automation solution, Mail+, and PURLS campaigns.


Traditionally reserved for the digital marketing arena, dashboard analytics is now available for your Direct Mail campaigns! All the information you need to track performance (from deliverability to conversions) and prove ROI is literally at your fingertips. Badger Group’s Dashboard Analytics tabs include:

Job Information
A comprehensive overview of your campaign including art, number of pieces mailed, Call Tracking numbers and the number of Ad Sets running on the Follow-Up features.

Mail Tracking
Shows when your mail is projected to reach mail boxes and when it has arrived. Viewable as a graph or on a map. At any given time, see what percentage of your mail has been delivered and track down to the per piece level with name and/or address search. Filter geographically – sort by county, city, state, zip code and date.

Informed Delivery
Integrated with the USPS, see how many people on your mailing list are signed up to receive Informed Delivery emails, how many opened the email and how many clicked on your ad. View results geographically or by activity date. 

Call Tracking
Displays how many calls came in as a direct result of your campaign – data includes the time they called as well as caller demographics. Listen to the calls straight from the dashboard!

Online Follow-Up
This tab shows how many unique visitors have come to your website and are being “followed” by your ads on the Google Display Network. A graph presents how many impressions and clicks your ads have gotten. If response is too low to be measurable, Campaign Accelerator kicks in and drives relevant traffic to your site, targeting the same geographical location and key words/phrases from people searching for your product or service. Campaign Accelerator shows how many times your ad was displayed and how many clicks it received. 

Social Media Follow-Up
Tracks how many unique website visitors are seeing your ad on their social media newsfeeds – data includes impressions as well as clicks back to your site. Sort data by age and/or gender. 

Tracks how many people on your list saw your ad on social media during the 14-day warm-up period, prior to your direct mail piece hitting mail boxes. Displays how many people saw your ad and the number of times they saw it – along with how many clicked on the ad directing them to your website. Sort results by age and/or gender. 

This tab shows how many anonymous website visitors have been matched to a physical postal address and if they match up to an address on your original list.