Creativity + Technology = Savings

Creativity + Technology = Savings

The USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion is rewarding marketers who incorporate specific technologies in their mail piece to help find and interact with their customers. It’s time to get creative!

There are a number of emerging technologies available for this promotion:

  • Near Field Communications uses a microchip embedded in your mail piece that emits short-range radio waves that communicate with mobile phones to activate a digital experience.  
  • Video in Print (ViP) incorporates a video screen into a printed piece, allowing the recipient to push ‘play’ and watch video. 
  • “Enhanced” Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality add digital elements on the mail piece surface, bringing additional context and movements to the piece through the use of your smartphone.
  • Integration with Digital Assistants can be done by placing specific instructions on the mail piece that enable a voice assistant, such as Siri or Alexa, to do a specific task, like purchase a product.  

So far, the above may not quite add up when comparing to your budget or your audience, but there is one technology that may:

  • Digital to Direct Mail, also known as re-targeted direct mail, is the use of printed, personalized messaging on a mail piece that triggers a digital interaction.

Let’s do the math. By incorporating Mail+ services to your direct mail piece, you can earn a 2% discount on your postage from now until August 31st, 2020. Combining digital and direct mail can result in 20% response rates or higher. That’s 10x higher than traditional direct mail and 200x higher than digital retargeting. 

By leveraging Mail+ technology, mail can be sent while products are still top of mind. Mail+ includes three technologies that make it eligible: Social Match, serving up digital ads on Facebook and Instagram to those people on your mail list. Informed Delivery, by adding a full color ad next to the grayscale preview in the inbox of a signed-up recipient. And LeadMatch, by sending mail to your website visitors, whether they were on your mail list or are new visitors.

Research shows that messages delivered on direct mail drive 92% of people to digital activity and influence 87% to have a reaction. What a great way to emerge them with technology and get results!

For more information on this promotion to go or ask a Badger rep how they can help get you started!

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