Create a Serendipitous Moment with Direct Mail

Create a Serendipitous Moment with Direct Mail

We know that repetition and consistency are necessary to reap marketing rewards with 80% of conversions occurring between the eighth and twelfth marketing touch. But how can we reach those anonymous users that have visited our website but didn’t convert?  Direct Mail Retargeting is a cost-effective way to target those that have already raised their hand with interest in your company!

Though Direct Mail Retargeting sounds complicated, it is more achievable than you think. It is simply the action of sending direct mail pieces to users that have visited and engaged with your website. Guess what, they are already interested! According to Direct Mail 2.0, 47% of users say retargeted direct mail caused them to make a purchase. 

The process begins with simply adding a pixel to your website. Data from the device, IP address or autofill cookies are gathered. The data is tracked and shared with the marketer to implement a direct mail retargeting campaign. On average, 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and market to them at the appropriate time. 

Direct Mail Retargeting is broken down into four stages:

Awareness. This user is considered phase 1, he or she is likely just browsing and not navigating to specific pages or products. Target these users with a message that is relevant, but broad. 

Consideration. Unlike phase 1, this user is looking at specifics and customer reviews, so is bit further down the sales funnel. Specific messaging and even an offer would work best for this remarketing effort.

Purchase. Also known as the “abandoned shopping cart phase,” this user is the closest to converting, don’t leave them hanging! Specific messaging works best in this case.

Loyalty. This user is already known to you (they’ve purchased something or opted in for more information) but is still looking to identify other technologies. Remarketing to this group will create additional revenue streams from existing customers.

This is where YOU come in like a marketing superhero and create that serendipitous moment. But, be timely with this touch, these are hot leads! It’s best to reach the user within 48-72 hours of visiting your website. The mail piece should be simple and effective and can be repurposed for the various stages or specific to each stage. Make sure the message is pertinent and relevant to what the user was browsing for. Include a call to action that is too good to resist. 

With an average response rate of 9-18%, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to engage those that have already shown interest. Watch our most recent webinar to learn more. Contact Badger Group to set up your campaign right away and start “leaving no leads behind!”


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