Most of us believe in using sustainable practices that promote healthy people and a healthy planet. Using Recycled Paper is one way to show your commitment. But, recycled paper costs more, and when you are on a limited budget, the cost can be prohibitive.


Defining “Recycled Paper”

Recycled paper can mean a lot of things. For the sake of this article, we define recycled paper as paper containing 100% post-consumer recycled content. However, most office and direct mail papers are not 100% post-consumer recycled content paper. Rather, papers are more often virgin fibers mixed with recycled content. Thus, it is important to specify the % of recycled content that is in a paper. Learn more about recycled content at Two Sides or Green America.


Is recycled paper worth the extra money?

We compared the monetary* and environmental** cost of three uncoated, text weight papers to help you decide.


Should you choose paper with recycled content?

It depends! When you are making a decision, consider the following factors:


  • Paper is the least expensive part of your project.

    If you are mailing 10,000 pieces, choosing paper with 10% recycled content will increase your paper cost by 40% which sounds like a lot. But, that translates to approximately $40.

  • What matters most to your organization, your Board of Directors, and your donors?

    Sometimes paying more for paper with recycled content is important to decision makers and therefore worth the extra money.

  • How will it print?

    Print quality is affected by several things, including paper quality, the amount of color on the paper, and the type of press used. Therefore, you will want to talk with your printer to see what papers will work best to give you the look and feel you are hoping to achieve.

  • How will you market your choice?

    If you spend a lot on paper with recycled content, but no one ever knows, then you are missing an opportunity to build your brand and promote your mission. Talk with your printer about your options for including logos that signify you are making sustainable choices.

The Badger Group believes that sustainable, responsible printing is important. We are FSC® Certified and offer recycled-content paper as an option for you. If you have questions about paper choices or cost, contact us!


If the choice to use paper with recycled content is not cost-effective for you, there are other ways to print in a socially responsible way.


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