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The Case for Printed Newsletters

Posted by Deliee Calvert | Feb 15, 2018 In an environment where 30-second sound bites are the norm and adult attention spans have been compared to that of a goldfish1, most of us are looking for ways to reach consumers. We want our audience to get to know us and to engage, whether that means…
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Get your ‘Two Cents Worth’ from the USPS!

If you are a nonprofit organization, a membership association or a business that requests a response from your customers, then you want to listen to the USPS’s two cents worth. Mailers frequently include Business Reply Mail (BRM) or Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) in their outgoing mail to facilitate payments, donations, membership applications and renewals, surveys, and…
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Paper Prices are increasing… here are a few reasons why

Posted by The Badger Group You may not have noticed yet, but paper prices have been steadily increasing since 2017. We asked one of our paper suppliers why. In addition to a few things that are affecting a lot of industries (increased energy costs and increasing regulations on the freight industry) he says it comes down…
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