Badger Group Tools

Badger Group wants to make it easy for our customers to complete their projects efficiently and within budget. This is why we provide tools such as our InSite prepress portal and FTP site for quick, paperless proofing and file transfers. Here you will find instructions for using our Badger Group tools for your print and direct mail projects.


InSite Prepress Portal System

InSite is an online job submission and proofing portal. From concept to completion, it enables you to streamline your creative processes. With secure logins, preflighting, and flexible job handling options, this powerful tool is just one of the many ways Badger Group helps you manage costs and time associated with the proofing process.

Contact your Business Development representative to schedule a demonstration, and you’ll soon realize the many benefits this powerful tool provides!

Download InSite Instructions

Click Here to Log Into Insite

Badger Group FTP Site

Download FTP File Transfer from Windows

Click here to Log Into The Badger Group’s FTP Site

Setting Up Your Files for Print

Download Exporting PDF Using InDesign

Setting Up NCOALINK Processing

Download Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAF)

Secure Data Procedures

Badger Group is serious about the protection of confidential and privileged information (including financial, health (HIPPA) and more) and has the following procedures in place to handle secure data:
• Secure data projects will be color-coded internally to highlight data sensitivity.
• Data will be sent to Badger Group via secure method – sftp, provided disk, etc.
• Data will be placed on a local protected data folder that has been excluded from all backup and archive scripts. This is to prevent the files
  from being copied onto Badger Group’s tape/disc backups.  

• Files will be completed internally and uploaded to Lorton Data for automated NCOA handling. Once completed, the files and reports will be
  returned to Badger Group for our production needs. Lorton Data has completed Service Organization Control – Type 2 (SOC2) certification.

• Names on all variable data proofs generated will be “John Q. Public” and those of Badger Group employees. This is to display that the
  behavioral needs of the files are being met. At no time will live data files be used to generate proofs.
• Format files (used for variable data
  generation) will reside outside of the local protected data folder. This is done to insure that they are copied to our daily backup. There is no
  personal information associated with these files.

• All variable output files are to reside within the local protected data folder, and content therein will be removed from our servers and

• Data destruction is a witnessed event and will be noted on the job ticket prior to closing the job.

Badger Group Terms & Conditions 

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