Author: Carey Arneson

Learn the Rules Like a Pro, So You Can Break Them Like an Artist

In fine art and sometimes in graphic designs, rules can be jarred or broken. As graphic designers there are certain rules we should always follow. Design with Consistency To create brand identity, you want to maintain clear, consistent design on printed material all the way through website design. To develop consistency – stick with the…
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The Case for Printed Newsletters

Posted by Deliee Calvert | Feb 15, 2018 In an environment where 30-second sound bites are the norm and adult attention spans have been compared to that of a goldfish1, most of us are looking for ways to reach consumers. We want our audience to get to know us and to engage, whether that means…
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4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

Are your customers loyal? It’s such a small question, but the answer has a big impact. It comes as no surprise that consumer loyalty — whether it’s B2C or B2B — has changed dramatically in the last decade. According to Brand Keys’ 2015 Annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ® (CLEI), consumer expectations have increased by 28 percent.…
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