If you haven’t already…it’s time to integrate your print and social media marketing! 
Integrate Social Media and Print Marketing

Social media is an effective tool for ongoing, person-to-person interactions. Consumers may interact with a brand’s social networks first as a means of research. But if the relationship begins with print, social media is where the consumer can land after the first contact and where the brand can nurture the consumer relationship.


6 ways to integrate your social media and print marketing


1. Connect consumers with your social networks.

Does your audience know you’re on social media? Provide URLs or usernames (like your Twitter handle) for your social networks on your print marketing. Take it a step further and add information as to why they should join your social community. Do you post special offers, host contests, or offer helpful tips?


2. Showcase a consistent identity and brand across channels.

Coordinate the look, message, and voice of your print marketing and social media channels. Since social media is an interaction point for consumers, it’s important to eliminate any confusion that may result from differing messages. Consistency helps build trust in your brand.


3. Make social comments your next headline.

Did someone leave a positive comment about your brand on Facebook? Use it (with permission) as a testimonial in your next print marketing campaign. 


4. Introduce your next direct mail campaign on social media

It’s easier than ever to “leak” your direct mail piece on Facebook to people on your physical mail list…before your direct mail piece hits mailboxes. With Social Match, your mail list is matched to Facebook accounts. Then, you show Facebook ads (that look like your print piece) to the people on your mail list. When your postcard arrives at home, your recipients will pay more attention because they are familiar with your campaign. Social media is a great way to help you cut through the clutter and get your direct mail piece noticed!


5. Keep your print marketing in front of customers with social media ads.

Not only can you show Facebook ads to your mail list before your direct mail piece arrives in homes, but also you can use social media to remind customers and patients about the postcard or mail piece after they receive it. Use Facebook ads to keep your promotions, events, and ads in front of your target audience. When your online ads look like your postcard, you are more likely to get noticed. And, cutting through the clutter is the first step to getting a new customer/patient!


6. Complete the integrated message loop.

Promote your email newsletter through print marketing. As consumers sign up for your email blasts, follow up with an email invitation to join your social media community. Host a contest on social media and ask entrants for a physical address (collected privately, not shared publicly). You can now add these individuals to your mailing list. All of these activities build your database and allow you to communicate more effectively across channels.


No matter how popular social media has become, remember that print marketing reaches people in different ways. Using print and social media marketing in an integrated manner gives your brand a broad reach. And since not many brands have figured out the print/social mix, strategically integrating your print and social media marketing gives you an advantage over the competition.


Are you ready to integrate your social media and print marketing? Contact the Badger Group to discuss a multi-channel strategy for your next campaign. 

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