3 Stages of Effective Database Marketing

3 Stages of Effective Database Marketing

The use of data in marketing is nothing new. And thanks to recent explosions in the availability of information about our target audiences, the possibilities for the effective use of data in marketing communications are endless.

“Database marketing is the process of identifying, collecting and then analysing relevant information about a company’s customers.” (Source)

The goal of database marketing is to use the data you have to build and maintain stronger relationships with you customers. Stronger relationships lead customers to spend more money with your company and, hopefully, help you gain new customers through referrals.

3 Stages of Effective Database Marketing

1. Data Collection: Database marketing starts with – you guessed it – collecting data. Effective data collection involves gathering accurate and relevant information about your audience. For accuracy, it’s important to have data hygiene processes in place.

2. Turning Data into Knowledge: Once you have relevant data, it’s time to analyze it and make sense of it for marketing purposes. This includes segmenting your data and developing targeted marketing messages for your different audience segments.

3. Shaping Business Strategies: Effective database marketing should connect to larger business goals. As you analyze the data you have, use what you learn to shape your marketing strategies and allocate resources appropriately.

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