3 Creative Ideas to Engage Customers with Print Marketing

3 Creative Ideas to Engage Customers with Print Marketing

Digital, social, and mobile technologies have changed the way people interact with marketing. Successful marketing is moving away from winning a quick transaction and towards building long term relationships with customers. People don’t want companies to talk at them; they are looking for companies to engage with them.

We know that people engage with companies through digital channels. What role does print marketing play in audience engagement?

Print is a key element of engagement marketing. The simple act of touching a print advertisement has been found to increase brand perceptions (confidence, satisfaction, reliability, trust) and purchase consideration. The physical exchange of business cards creates a personal connection that technology can’t replicate. And there is growing research that indicates we remember and learn better when we read from paper.

Here are three ideas to bump up customer engagement with your print marketing.

Unique Papers

Paper doesn’t have to be boring. New technology is transforming paper.

Marketing a business in the water industry? Try using waterproof paper for your business cards or other marketing materials. Want to shine a spotlight on your brand … literally? There is now printable Lightpaper. And while it doesn’t involve amazing new technology, good old seed paper can send the right message for your eco-friendly business.

Textured Printing

Our sense of touch impacts how we experience the world. Use print marketing tactics that take advantage of the power of touch. Integrate texture into your print materials through textured paper and textured printing technologies.

Try paper with a ribbed or “felt” texture, or try a linen paper that feels just like fabric. Soft touch coating gives your pieces a soft, satin feel that people won’t want to put down. Catch the eye with foil stamping and add dimension with embossing. However you include it, texture engages multiple senses and enhances the perception of quality.

Interactive Elements

Just as soft touch coating is irresistible (seriously, feeling is believing!), interactive elements can keep your print piece in customers’ hands and keep them coming back for more.

One good example of interactive print is the conference save-the-date we printed for the 2014 PDS Technology Conference that was featured on Fold of the Week. Both the pop-up card and strategic QR code made the piece fun and engaging.

Technology has been pushing interactive print to new levels. Embedded chips can add sound and other effects to print. And augmented reality technology is bringing print to life and integrating it with digital in exciting new ways. Check out these 15 interactive print examples from HubSpot.

Print still remains a cornerstone of effective marketing. And when you get creative with it, print can engage your audience in ways digital can’t.

Looking for inspiration for your next print marketing project? Ask one of our Business Development specialists! We can show you samples of unique pieces we’ve produced and brainstorm fun new ideas with you.


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