At The Badger Group, our mission is to provide easy to manage and cost effective print services. Our Prepress Department is dedicated to ensuring all of your printed pieces turn out exactly how you envisioned.

Our Prepress Department aims to reduce turnaround times, lower proofing costs, improve communication, and offer outstanding visibility throughout the entire production process.

The Badger Group’s InSite Portal is a secure and powerful tool designed to streamline print production, job submission, collaboration, proofing and job status tracking.

The Badger Group’s InSite Portal provides our customers with:

  • Secure and convenient online access: We provide our customers with secure, controlled web access to their print jobs. Use our tools to upload and download jobs with job data. Preflight files, proof online, affix annotations or comments, approve or reject pages, manage information, and access job status using a standard internet browser. We ensure that only authorized users have access to your print jobs.
  • Improved communication and error reduction: The InSite Portal provides real-time knowledge of job status to our customers. When compared with conventional methods, cycle times are shorter and the margin for error is reduced. Our InSite Portal allows our prepress staff and customers to be kept on the same page with preflight warnings, changes, comments and requests.

The Badger Group’s Prepress Capabilities:

  • Kodak InSite online proofing portal
  • FTP site for easy file transfer
  • Epson high-end color proofs
  • HP Designjet two-sided proofing
  • Mac or PC files
  • Typesetting
  • Digital direct to metal platesetting

To learn more about InSite, visit our Resources page.