FSC Certified Badger Group WisconsinThe Badger Group:

  • Is FSC® Certified, offering sustainable paper options.
  • Is a leader in using online proofing technology, saving energy as well as transportation and material costs.
  • Uses environmentally-friendly inks.
  • Offers many recycled paper options (up to 100% recycled materials).

By choosing The Badger Group, you will have a direct impact on our earth and show your customers your green side. If green is more than just 
a color to you, contact The Badger Group to explore how we can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


FSC1LdruNFSC® Certified

Printers may apply for Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certification. Those who can reliably track their paper back through the manufacturing and transport processes to FSC-certified sources are awarded certification. Chain-of-custody certification is granted only after a thorough facility audit, which reviews the integrity of a company’s paper-materials handling processes.

The Badger Group is an FSC-certified printer and has the ability to apply the FSC logo to projects printed on FSC-certified paper.

We are delighted to offer this service to our clients to help reduce the environmental impact of their printed materials and demonstrate to their own customers a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Simply inform your Badger sales representative of your interest to print on FSC-certified stock and we will provide you with a selection of approved papers from which to choose. There are several specifics involved in choosing the proper logo, so we have simplified it with four types of both landscape and portrait versions. Our team will determine exactly which logo to use based on your preference as well as place it on the document.

For more information about the Forest Stewardship Council,
 please visit www.fscus.org.