Growth Has Been Hallmark of Company Since Its Move Back to Community in 1990

The Badger Group (Badger Press, Inc.) is excited to recognize its 25 years of doing business in the Fort Atkinson community. The company moved to its present location in the Gordon F. Day Industrial Park in 1990. The facility has expanded three times, the most recent expansion taking place in 2006.

The Badger Group has a long history in Jefferson County with a number of recognized business people involved in the business over the years. The business had its beginnings in Palmyra, eventually moving to Fort Atkinson in 1951. In 1954, new ownership relocated the company to Jefferson, where it remained until the move back to Fort Atkinson.

Badger Group employees who have worked at Badger since the move to Fort Atkinson

Badger Group team members who have been with Badger since we moved to Fort Atkinson 25 years ago! Pictured left to right: Dan Thompson, Jayne Pfeifer, Bill Hesse, Sally O’Brien, Greg Roloff, Tom Schoenherr, Dennis Schoenherr

“I am proud of Badger’s history in Fort Atkinson and Jefferson County,” shares Sally O’Brien, president and owner. “One of our customers has referred to us as a ‘hidden gem.’ The same could be said of the Fort Atkinson community. We are fortunate to have many great organizations here that allow people and companies to do business locally — for Badger, it means we can help businesses produce their direct mail, print, and other marketing projects locally.”

The Badger Group has expanded its marketing services in recent years, applying over 50 years of expertise in print marketing to evolving digital channels. Badger has produced many successful automated marketing campaigns for clients that integrate multiple marketing channels — direct mail, email, websites, and social media. Social media and its integration with offline channels have become a hallmark of Badger’s marketing strategy development for clients. And Badger’s team of marketing professionals have developed a proven expertise in nonprofit direct mail fundraising, helping mid-size nonprofits more effectively use their data to communicate with donors.

“All of our new marketing and fundraising services share the same solid foundation — print and direct mail,” says O’Brien. “The majority of people still prefer information in print, and our goal is to help customers optimize print and integrate it with their online brand.”

About The Badger Group: A family-run business since 1975, The Badger Group is a marketing services provider specializing in targeted direct mail solutions. We integrate traditional print marketing with digital storytelling through email, social media, and online content. Our focus is in direct mail fundraising for nonprofit organizations, developing data-based strategies to help nonprofits thrive.