The Badger Group's new Ricoh Pro C7110

Clients to benefit from higher quality print and enhanced personalization capabilities

The Badger Group (Badger Press, Inc.) is proud to announce the arrival of the newest addition to our digital production line of printers, the Ricoh Pro C7110. The digital press was installed and running by the end of December 2015. The new equipment will provide multiple benefits to Badger’s clients.

“With its improved chemical toner, the commercial quality of finished print pieces is greatly refined,” stated Bob Clampit, prepress manager at The Badger Group. “Lower fusing temperatures reduce our energy use and allow for printing on a wider variety of substrates. A smaller toner particle allows for higher color density and saturation, making images ‘pop’ off the page. And with the new booklet maker, square fold spines and saddle-stitched books are possible with counts as high as 200 pages.”

Prepress manager Bob Clampit with The Badger Group's new Ricoh Pro C7110Clampit continued, “The new device allows us to continue to better serve our client’s needs in a variety of ways, whether it’s short run, high-quality print or variable printing for more personalized communication and targeted messaging. Our attention to detail when it comes to customers’ needs is why we’re here.”

Additional benefits afforded by Badger’s new digital press include:

  • Faster turn-around times, even for personalized jobs, thanks to printing up to 90 pages per minute and advanced capabilities that simplify everyday print tasks.
  • Reproduction of colors with incredible accuracy as a result of the new toner particle that increases the color gamut of the device by nearly 10 percent, with gains primarily realized in the green and blue range.
  • Better color consistency with continuous monitoring and adjusting of toner density.
  • Ability to handle diverse jobs with the Vacuum-Feed Large Capacity Input Tray (LCIT) designed for heavy stocks and Oversized Print Tray for prints up to 27.5″.

The Badger Group is committed to continued investment in equipment upgrades, as technology advances, to best serve clients.

About The Badger Group: A family-run business since 1975, The Badger Group is a marketing services provider specializing in targeted direct mail solutions. We integrate traditional print marketing with digital storytelling through email, social media, and online content. Our focus is in direct mail fundraising for nonprofit organizations, developing data-based strategies to help nonprofits thrive.