Successful year-end appeals are a must for nonprofits, in order to stay relevant and keep your organization healthy and viable.  How do you make sure that your appeal is successful and solicits action to donate to your cause? Consistent branding, across all communication channels, will improve your response rate and help make your year-end appeal a success. Try these suggestions for integrating your appeal across multiple channels.

Social Integration for successful year-end appeals:

  • Change your Facebook cover photo to match your direct mail appeal’s look and messaging.
  • Integrate social media posts that continue and add to the story told in your letter.
  • Encourage social engagement by adding information in your letter on the benefits of donors joining your social community.

Email Integration for successful year-end appeals:

  • Follow up your appeal with an email invitation to join your social media community.
  • Include a link that goes directly to your online giving page, and make sure your donation page is mobile- friendly!

Powerful messaging and graphics for successful year-end appeals:

  • Thank your donors for past support! Use your data to highlight information that you know is important to your donor to create a deeper, more relevant connection with your donor.
  • Use “you” more than “we” in your communications, in order to recognize the role that the donor plays in your organization.
  • Donor retention should be your number one goal. Make donors feel connected to your organization by using stories and graphics they can relate to and feel proud to support.
  • Color and imagery grab your donor’s attention, so use a mix of graphics and copy to make your message more effective.

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