Engage Customers Mobile Messaging

Struggling with email open rates that hover around 20 percent? Have you watched the organic reach of your Facebook posts decline? What if your business could market on a channel where 99 percent of your messages were read?

It’s time to look at mobile messaging to connect with your customers!

Since 2012, we’ve been hearing that the given year was to be the “year of mobile.” By all indications, 2015 may finally be THE year. In late 2014, we hit the mobile tipping point where the majority of digital media consumption now takes place in mobile apps. Mobile is no longer an optional channel – it’s an essential communication touch point with your customers.

In fact, small to medium-sized businesses are in the best position to use mobile communications. SMBs can increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by communicating with a captive audience at an affordable price.

If you want to connect and actively engage with more of your customers, leverage mobile with these tips:

Use SMS to Connect Directly with Customers

Mobile marketing comes with a few options, most notably SMS (i.e. text messages) and mobile apps. To make the most of your initial mobile marketing investment, focus on mobile messaging and a mobile-optimized website. Apps, on the other hand, can be expensive to develop, and most users will only use an app a handful of times.

Mobile messaging just makes sense when starting your mobile marketing strategy. The majority of consumers can receive SMS, smartphone or no smartphone. 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes! Leverage mobile messaging’s high engagement rate and global reach for the maximum bang for your mobile marketing buck.

Don’t Treat Texts Like Emails

Digital communication channels, from email to social media to mobile, come with their own nuances. Mobile phones are our most personal device. Be careful not to abuse mobile or risk losing this highly valuable audience.

SMS is limited to 160 characters, making the channel more like Twitter (140 character limit) than email. Engage your mobile message recipients with links to additional online content, like a video. Use it to share time-sensitive information and calls to action. Unlike email, SMS isn’t well suited for information a customer will need to reference at a later time.

Integrate Mobile into Your Marketing Mix

Mobile will not cure all of your marketing problems. No one channel can. Successful marketing today requires an integrated approach across multiple channels – print, direct mail, email, social media, and mobile. Share your subscription keyword across your print and other digital channels to grow your mobile audience.

To retain your mobile audience, make sure your mobile offers are unique. If you are sharing the exact same message that you are broadcasting elsewhere, there’s little incentive for a customer to continue receiving your mobile messages. Offer real value with mobile.


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