The last time you received a bill or package in the mail, did it have a coupon or extra information inside? How about your last purchase at a retail store? Did your bag come with promotions for your next shopping trip? Every time you give or mail something to a customer, you have an opportunity to tell your company’s story by including additional printed pieces. If you plan ahead, statement stuffers or buck slips can provide cost-effective communication.


Statement Stuffer* Basics

Whether in a bill, bag, or package, statement stuffers are one way that companies can encourage repeat business and build customer loyalty. You can market products, promote events, or even educate consumers. And, while statement stuffers have traditionally included coupons, they don’t have to! You can get creative with the content you include.

*Statement stuffers are also called buck slips, bill inserts, package inserts or bill stuffers. In this article, “statement stuffers” is being used as a general term to include all of these.


Cost-effective Marketing

One advantage of using statement stuffers is that they are included in a package that the customer already plans to open. So, the open rate is very high! You still need to be strategic about the content and design. But, with a statement stuffer, you are already past the first hurdle of direct marketing.


Cost-effective Postage

Statement stuffers are included in a mailing that you already intend to send, so right off the bat, you have a direct mail opportunity without the cost of postage. Just make sure that your stuffer is the right weight, so no additional postage is incurred.

Step 1: Consider the mailing. Is it at the maximum weight for the current postage rate? If so, then adding a statement stuffer will increase your postage. If not, then you can try different statement stuffer sizes and paper options to create a piece that is within your postage weight threshold.

Step 2: Choose a paper for your statement stuffer. Most companies print statement stuffers on a high quality, lighter weight stock that adds very little weight to the bill or package. Let your designer know the weight and size limits of the piece, so you are not surprised by additional postage costs.


Cost-effective Printing

The main cost of adding statement stuffers to your mailing is the design and printing. By taking a few things into account, you can save money on your printing.


Statement Stuffer Size

Work with your mail house to find the optimal size and paper weight that works with their inserting equipment.  Designing the piece to their specifications will keep you on schedule and on budget.

Example sizes for a no. 10 envelope:

  • Buck Slip: 3.5 in X 8.5 in
  • Brochure-style:  7 in X 8.5 in (folded in half to a final size of 3.5 in X 8.5 in)
  • Newsletter-style:  10.5 in X 8.5 in (trifold to a final size of 3.5 in X 8.5 in)


Print Quantities

If you print higher quantities, your print cost/piece decreases. That’s because there are set-up fees and basic costs on every print job. The more pieces you print, the more those basic costs are spread.

What if you don’t NEED a higher quantity?

Consider printing several statement stuffers in one run. Whether you print 1 design or 3 designs at the same time, your set-up costs will be the same.

If you plan ahead, the printer can put 3 (or more) designs on one plate and run 3 times the amount that you need each month. If you can print 3 or more months at a time, you will save considerably. For example, with a 4 x 6 inch statement stuffer printing full color on both sides, the cost savings per piece can be as much as 30% if you decide to print 80,000 pieces versus 40,000 pieces.  


Take Advantage!

If you are sending merchandise or bills to your customers, take advantage of the high open rates and include a statement stuffer. If you plan ahead and think through the design, you can make statement stuffers a cost-effective way to market your company. Work closely with your printer to be sure that your design and paper choices will work for your project.

If you are interested in learning more about statement stuffers, contact The Badger Group. We can help you plan, design, print and mail your next project.

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