The Case for Printed Newsletters

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  In an environment where 30-second sound bites are the norm and adult attention spans have been compared to that of a goldfish1, most of us are looking for ways to reach consumers. We want our audience to get to know us and to engage, whether that means to donate, purchase, or participate. And, we know we want more than 30 seconds to make our case. With consumers being exposed to more than 4000 messages each day, how do you cut through...

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4 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Many small businesses stay away from print marketing because they consider it expensive and less effective than other marketing channels. While print can be more expensive, it is usually a better bang for your buck. Consider these stats: Direct mail gets better response rates than email, internet display ads, or paid search.1 21% of direct mail recipients visited the sender store’s location.2 39% of customers tried a business for the first time...

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Follow your End-of-Year Appeal with a Beginning-of-Year “Thank You”

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Thanking your donors is an important part of the donor relationship. When it comes to thank you notes, most people think of the individual letter that follows a donation. But, January is the perfect time to send a different kind of thank you! Send a “beginning-of-year thank you” to show your 2016 donors what the organization was able to accomplish with their help.    Consider these ideas as you design your card:   Be...

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