Mail Matters: Automated vs. Machinable Mail

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Qualifying for automated postage rates can save non-profits a lot of money, up to $0.21 (or more) per letter!  So, understanding what qualifies for automated rates is important.   Guidelines for Automation   As they say, the devil is in the details. But let’s start with an oversimplified definition. Automation requires:  a readable barcode machinability (it can run through the machine) Here is how barcodes, machinability,...

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Follow your End-of-Year Appeal with a Beginning-of-Year “Thank You”

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Thanking your donors is an important part of the donor relationship. When it comes to thank you notes, most people think of the individual letter that follows a donation. But, January is the perfect time to send a different kind of thank you! Send a “beginning-of-year thank you” to show your 2016 donors what the organization was able to accomplish with their help.    Consider these ideas as you design your card:   Be...

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