6 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Print Marketing

Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Badger Group Blog, Multi-Channel Marketing, Social Media Marketing |

If you think that print and social media are distinctly separate marketing channels, it’s time to start rethinking your cross-channel approach. It’s time to integrate your print and social media marketing! How do you effectively integrate these two seemingly distinct marketing channels? Here are six ideas for integrating your brand’s message.

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4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Using Social Media

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Badger Group Blog, Social Media Marketing |

Are your customers loyal? It seems like such a small question, but the answer has a big impact.

It comes as no surprise that consumer loyalty — whether it’s B2C or B2B — has changed dramatically in the last decade. According to Brand Keys’ 2015 Annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ® (CLEI), consumer expectations have increased by 28 percent across 64 categories in the survey. However, brands have only managed to satisfy those expectations by 7 percent.

It’s easier than ever for customers to switch brands or suppliers with some many options in the marketplace. So what gets them to stay? Customer satisfaction alone isn’t a reason to return. You need to give customers a reason to come back. It’s the extra customer experience — attention and recognition — that can generate more engagement and build loyalty.

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Simplify Social Media for Your Small Business Marketing Team

Posted by on Aug 19, 2017 in Badger Group Blog, Social Media Marketing |

How is your marketing to-do list looking this week?

With the range of offline and online channels to manage, our marketing tasks have grown exponentially. And nowhere has the challenge become greater than managing social media. As a small business marketing team (of one, most likely), anything that can make marketing simpler is welcome news.

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