The Badger Group is proud to launch a second series of videos for Lutheran Indian Ministries featuring their ministry staff from around the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


Lutheran Indian Ministries reaches out to Native American communities to share the Word of Christ. They seek to raise up Native leaders from within their own communities and equip them to share the Gospel with their people. The Badger Group has been fundraising consultant to Lutheran Indian Ministries since January 2014.

The Badger team attended Lutheran Indian Ministries’ annual staff meeting in January 2015, where all members of the organization’s staff gathered at a retreat center near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to interview staff and special guests about their ministry work for this new series of videos.

Badger Group Lutheran Indian Ministries

Badger Group team with Lutheran Indian Ministries staff and friends


“It is said that a picture is worth one thousand words. I would add that a video is worth exponentially more than a picture,” says Paul Flaa, Lutheran Indian Ministries Chief Financial Officer. “We are excited about the new videos and their role in sharing our ministry story.”

The Badger Group produced Lutheran Indian Ministries’ first video series as part of the organization’s revamped Native American Sunday campaign in the fall of 2014. Lutheran Indian Ministries asks congregations to designate one Sunday in November, Native American Heritage Month, as Native American Sunday and share the vital ministry work of the organization. Badger worked with Lutheran Indian Ministries to produce new materials to make it easier for congregations to recognize Native American Sunday, including worship materials, bulletin inserts, and bible study materials.

Five videos were produced for Native American Sunday – a longer worship service video for congregations to use that highlighted the history and scope of the ministry organization, and four shorter videos featuring specific aspects of the organization’s work. These shorter videos were perfect for sharing on social media.

This new series of videos focuses on individual ministry staff and their stories. Bob and Deon Prue’s story (above) is the first of these videos to be released. There will be another six videos to be released over the course of the next several months featuring ministry staff from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, Hawaii, Alaksa, and Lawrence, Kansas, site of Lutheran Indian Ministries’ campus ministry at Haskell Indian Nations University.

“The new videos allow our donors to get to know our staff,” says Sue Gebel, Lutheran Indian Ministries Development Specialist. Badger was able to capture the essence of the message in a personal way that invites our audience to walk alongside us.”

Lutheran Indian Ministries’ videos can be viewed on their website, YouTube, and Facebook. The Badger Group worked in conjunction with Highlights Media to shoot and edit all of the videos.

For more on The Badger Group’s partnership with Lutheran Indian Ministries, visit our Who We Work With page. In addition to our video work, we develop Lutheran Indian Ministries’ annual donor communications and fundraising strategy, manage their social media presence, and lead their content marketing efforts with weekly news stories and monthly email newsletters.