What do you need to know about Address Change Service(ACS)?

ACS can save you money and help keep your data clean. Managing your mail list can be both time consuming and costly when it comes to your pieces being returned to you in the mail. With return fees potentially exceeding 200%, bad names on a mail list can be a financial burden to your mail costs. Using ACS can help you clean up your list and save money on your direct mail campaign.

Many take National Change of Address (NCOA) as an assurance that your mail will be received at its destination. It does not, however, take into account individuals or families that move without filing a move update with their local post office.

ACS plays a role in data hygiene.

By utilizing “Address Service Requested,” the mailer is most likely attempting to clean their data files and keep them as accurate as possible. It is a good idea to purge names that are no longer deliverable as this is when the costs can begin to add up.

How do I sign up for ACS?

There are only three requirements which must be met in order to begin using ACS. First you will need a Mailer ID, that’s MID in postal parlance. The next step involves filling out two PDF forms with the USPS, form”eACS001.pdf” and form”EPF001.pdf“.

What is the cost for my electronically returned mail?

With this service in place, the return addresses will cost $0.08 each for the first two electronic returns to the client,and with bad addresses that continue to be used at $0.26 each. This is to encourage the client to maintain their databases and avoid sending to the same bad addresses. Not only will you save in the return cost, but will also stop spending your direct mail campaign dollars on mail that does not reach your target.

Users of this service are billed once their total reaches $25.00 or annually if that threshold is not met.

Are there ways to avoid return fees?

Yes, by mailing First Class, your mail piece will be automatically forwarded if the recipient’s move was filed within twelve months of the mailing. Undeliverable pieces are returned to you as part of the First Class fee, but it is an expensive way of mailing to a large audience.

Another option is to place “Or Current Resident” or “Or Current Occupant” beneath the addressee on your mail piece. This lets the USPS know that you want this mail piece delivered rather than returned.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about cost-saving mail tips, The Badger Group can help!

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