Tom Schoenherr

What I do

I make the world a better place, with print. 

What I like best about working at Badger?   

The culture of Badger has always created a team spirit. We all work together.  


10 facts about me:

1. I dream of being a fishing guide in northern Wisconsin. There is nothing better than introducing someone new to the outdoors.

2. I am a sports fan but not a fanatic. I have never painted my chest and stomach but I do enjoy a Packer party!

3. Family is very important to me. I grew up with 6 brothers. A big family is priceless.

4. I’m not real outgoing yet a crowd favorite at Karaoke.

5. My favorite color is “process”. Alright, maybe I’ve been in printing too long.

6. My biggest fear in life is not leaving this world a better place for the next generations

7. I love to cook a good New York strip on the grill, and it must be charcoal!

8. I have a Yellow Lab for a pet. He is spoiled more than my kids… I can’t say no to those brown eyes.

9. My favorite holiday is the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season. What happens in deer camp stays in deer camp!

10. My favorite quote, that’s easy… a print project quote.