Sally O'Brien

What I do

Try to bring out the best in people!  

What I like best about working at Badger?   

I enjoy problem solving with customers and employees to make every situation as successful as possible. 


10 facts about me:

1. My favorite form of exercise is swimming.

2. I have 2 awesome teenage boys that I love always – and like most of the time.

3. Enjoy cooking with my husband – I prep, he grills and the boys clean up.

4. My summers are spent up north either on the dock or in the boat.

5. I enjoy reading but don’t have a favorite since I seem to forget the story as the last page is turned.

6. Best winter activity – snowmobiling with my family. But – only smooth trails not bumpy!

7. Most excellent vacation spot – St. John Island. Views are breathtaking and snorkeling is awesome.

8. I was Miss Fort Fest 1979… top that!!

9. Dinner without a glass of wine…why??

10. Bad customer service makes me crazy!