Ryan Bergey

What I do

I’m the prepress guy. Double click all day long.

What I like best about working at Badger?   

My coworkers. 


10 facts about me:

1. I have a Associate Degree in Printing and Publishing.

2. Deer season is my favorite holiday, pretty much the entire month of November. Best time of year to be in the woods.

3. I hate heights.

4. You can’t beat a good bar burger and Mac’n’Cheese (but don’t mess with the recipe).

5. Boondock Saints is the best movie — the first one. Don’t watch the second one…it’s terrible.

6. I love spending time with my little boy.

7. Loud eaters annoy me.

8. My favorite drink is a Blue Smoothie (this beverage has nothing to do with fruit).

9. Chasing elk in the Rocky Mountains is my favorite vacation.

10. I started at Badger in the fall of 1997 on a high school co-op program.