Julie EhrkeWhat I do

I understand my customers specific needs and help them execute a plan that meets or exceeds those goals.  

What I like best about working at Badger?   

Everyday someone makes me laugh. 


10 facts about me:

1. I enjoy stamping, fishing, listening to country music and socializing (business or pleasure).

2. Royal blue is my favorite color.

3. Our family has a Beagle puppy, Ally. She really likes my shoes.

4. My favorite quote is “Success comes fastest and most frequently to those who find the most effective path to their end goal, and to those who are willing to ask for the help that they need to make progress.” — Author unknown.

5. I have two teenage boys, my husband Steve of 25 years and our dog Ally.

6. My favorite sport is any sport my boys are playing. I definitely have a bleacher butt.

7. If I had more free-time I would volunteer more. Volunteers make all the difference.

8. Crab legs dripping with butter is the best food of all.

9. I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Journalism from UW-Madison, but I’m not good at writing. Figure that one out.

10. Beer is my favorite beverage, most recently Blue Moon.