Jessica Fleig

What I do

Pursue the ultimate goal…superior customer service.   

What I like best about working at Badger?   

I love the friendly atmosphere and the continuing ability to learn.


10 facts about me:

1. Trivial Pursuit is the ultimate board game.

2. Thanksgiving is the best holiday… food and family, what more do you need?

3. English Literature and Russian & East European Studies was my college major.

4. I was born in Central Wisconsin, Wausau.

5. Sports fan? Only football, and only the Green Bay Packers!

6. Gram’s Swedish meatballs…mmmm…my favorite food.

7. Anywhere “Up North” is my favorite vacation destination.

8. My favorite book is We by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

9. I have been at Badger since January 2012.

10. Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do.