What I do

I oversee marketing and communications for The Badger Group. I also work with our customers when they need marketing and communications strategy as an extension of their internal team.

What I like best about working at Badger?

My favorite part about working at The Badger Group is that my main job is coming up with ideas. And, the team has never looked overwhelmed or frustrated with the large amount of ideas I share on a regular basis. I love that our team is creative, energetic, and enthusiastic about trying new things or doing old things in new ways.

10 facts about me:

  1. I have 9-year old twin boys who look nothing alike, act nothing alike, and see life very differently.
  2. If I had more time, I would spend more time with my friends and go birding (not with my friends- they would hate birding).
  3. My biggest fear is having a boring life that never changes…so far that has not been an issue.
  4. My favorite thing is seeing my kids laugh…unless they are laughing at me.
  5. A non-profit that is close to my heart is the Hoard Historical Museum. I have been volunteering there for 5 years.
  6. My favorite beverage: Coffee…definitely coffee. 
  7. My favorite hobby is listening to Tom Ashbrook while making dinner- Emphasis on listening to Tom Ashbrook (I hate making dinner).
  8. My pet peeve is spilled milk. Seriously! Who ever said, “No one ever cried over spilled milk?” I have cried over spilled milk! It goes everywhere and it smells and the towels that you use to clean it up with smell.
  9. Favorite quote: People cry over spilled milk, so don’t spill your milk! (Just kidding- obviously that is not a quote…yet)
  10. My favorite holiday is every holiday! An institutionalized reason to have a party and wear costumes? Bring it on!