Bob Clampit

What I do

Self appointed morale booster and attitude picker upper.    

What I like best about working at Badger?   

Everything, especially when we order out for food!


10 facts about me:

1. I enjoy motorcycle riding, fly-fishing, and nature photography.

2. A River Runs Through It is my favorite movie.

3. My favorite music is bluegrass/folk.

4. I believe a positive attitude will always beat it’s counterpart.

5. Cribbage is the best board game of all.

6. I have twelve toes (just kidding)!

7. My dream is to publish photo table books featuring my photography and writing.

8. Favorite quote: “What means more, the laughter in a child’s eye or the gold in a dead man’s hand.”

9. College major: Hard Knocks

10. Pessimism annoys me.